Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Erica's Dentist visit

2 months ago, we took Erica to the Dentist for the first time. It was something i was dreading and putting off the longest time. I just knew she wouldnt handle it well, and i was right.. She cried and cried and cried.. she wanted nothing to do with the dentist, We walked out of there, 6 cavities later, a grumpy child, and a new appointment to get her teeth fixed that would cost $1400. Lucky me, right? So, after 2 months, and finally getting on CHIP to help with the bill, we went in today on July, 20 2011 at 6:15 in the morning. I was scared shitless on how the morning would go. Erica is not a morning person. She doesnt get up until 10 so i knew waking her up at 6 was going to be hell... but fortunatley, she woke up really well and was ready to go. We got to the dentist office, they weighed her, then gave her a "special drink" that would help her relax. She played on the computer games they have there, and then the dentist came out and gave her a shot, she cried for about 20 seconds and then she said "Look at all the little chairs" and then was out cold. It was real scary for me because she was asleep, but her eyes were wide open. The dentist took her back, and thats when my tears came rolling. I wanted to go back there with her. How do they feel ok taking someones child away like that and not let the mother be with them. I hated it. We waited, and waited, and waited.. 50 minutes felt like 50 days. They finally came out and told us she was ready. She was still "asleep" when we went back and they gave us instructions and Zach held her until she woke up. They told us the whole time during the procedure she was doing this gagging/choking thing that they wanted to watch to make sure when she woke up she wasnt still doing it. Then they put her on a monitor to see her heart rate and oxygen level, They had us put an oxygen mask on her.. This totally freaked me out.. ive never had to do anything like this with Erica before and i felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. When she finally started to wake up, she was acting really weird and i couldnt help but laugh. She said and did things that made me know my baby girl was going to be ok. It was such a relief when she said her favorite color is PINK. We got the ok to go home, zach put her in the car, and walked away to get in and she toppled over. We got home and tried to get her to lay down and rest, but she just kept trying to get up. She was still way out of it and they told us not to let her walk on her own for 6 hours. It was a task to get her to understand she couldnt get up. Once she was with it enough, we told her to crawl around like a baby so she wouldnt fall. After 5 hours, and laying down watching Blues Clues, She was back to her normal self. I am so thankful everything went ok. Im sure some people are saying "how could you let her get 6 cavities" and honestly, i felt like the worst mother ever to let it happen, but she's a kid, she's going to eat candy, and sweets and i take blame.. i didnt have the best teeth growing up, and im sure that has something to do with it. So for all you people who are giving me crap or thinking that im a bad mom, you all can suck it! :)

I want to thank Zach for being such a good dad and ALWAYS being there for his kids, no matter what.. Every doctors appointment, every special event, he is always right there. since day 1. I can honestly say that i couldnt have gotten any luckier choosing a father for my children. If it wasnt for him today, being there with me, i probably would have lost it :)

I also have a video of Erica waking up on my facebook, check it out :)

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Melanie said...

You are not a bad mom! You are a great mom! Some kids and adult don't have as good as teeth as others. And you are right kids do eat candy ect.